Migration an future plans

To make the website and blog easier to manage on the road, I will be migrating and rebuilding the website. I will also incorporate this blog into the website itself.

I aim to do  this work over the coming weekend ( 29th / 30th June) and early next week.

This means you will need to access this blog via the main website instead of the current URL address.

There should be no down time for the blog itself. Just look via the website: www.franglais-riders.com

Then I can concentrate on preparing our next escape later this autumn! I do not plan to spend the winter in cold and wet UK! Time to look for winter sunshine!



Next Chapter: nomads

Lots of things have been happening in the last few months so that the next big chapter in our lifes could start.

We have rented our house.

We have converted a van. This van will be our home for the next two years and maybe beyond. The first big test will be  few months around Eastern Europe later in the year.

We are not giving up on the bikes, just experimenting. Also that way  we can take our dog and cut the cost of travel. Indeed we can be off grid for extended periods of time, saving on accommodation and food.

I still would like to go back to Namibia and spend time exploring Botswana. On the other hand it would be marvellous to take our van to South America… A usual, I have many plans.

For those of you located in the UK, we will be doing few presentations based on our trips, at the biggest European overland meeting in Wales, this June. For details of the Horizons Unlimited meeting, check  Link HERE

Maybe see you in Wales! 🙂