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Here is a summary of all the posts, in reverse order with the most recents at the top of the page.

2018 –  4 months around Southern Africa

South Africa: ending the trip

South Africa: between sea and mountains

South Africa:  winter is coming

South Africa: Drakensberg and the Wild Coast

South Africa: the road to Lesotho

Swaziland: the kingdom in teh mountains

Mozambique: the south

Mozambique: crossing the Central Region 

Malawi: Southern Malawi

Malawi: Lake Malawi

Zambia: East Zambia and into Malawi 

Zambia: Lusaka

Zambia: into Zambia 

Namibia: toward the Caprivi Strip

Namibia: Northern Namibia 

Namibia: Twat Head and the Yeah Yeah Girls 

Namibia: Erindi and back

Namibia: Swakopmund

Namibia: Luderitz

Namibia: Into Namibia

South Africa: South Africa – Western Cape

FAQs: how to survive as a couple on the road

Preparation: Shipping bikes

Preparation: going into details

FAQs: What if… I get stopped by corrupt police? 

FAGs: what if… your bike is stolen?

FAQs: Do you carry a stove? 

Preparation: that’s not an adventure bike!

FAQs: career gap? 

Preparation: we have our tickets and more info

FAQs: Aren’t you scared?

Preparation: Itinerary

Preparation: Where do you start?

2016 –  Back to Russia and Central Asia (3 months trip)


Kyrgyzstan: shortcut through the mountains

Kyrgyzstan: more drama

Kyrgyzstan: into the mountains

Kyrgyzstan: the road to Osh

Kyrgyzstan: set back in Bishkek

Kyrgyzstan: cows and dogs are a dangerous combination

Kyrgyzstan: chores and visas in Karakol

Eastern Kazakhstan: within few miles of China

Cold and wet in Kazakhstan

Russia: crossing the Altai toward Kazakhstan 

Russia: into the Altai mountains at last!

Russia: enjoying Siberian hospitality

Russia: into Siberia

Russia: riding East and exploring a stunning ancient city

Russia: The rising cattle mystery

Northern Russia taking its toll on the bikes

Russia: secret Cosmodrome and escaping the KGB – another day in Russia!

Russia: the republic of Karelia

Russia: St Petersburg

Into Russia

Poland: meeting new friends in Warsaw

Crossing Germany and Poland

Russia here we come!

We are off!

Preparation frantic last few days

Preparation: last minute stress!

Preparation: 12 days to departure 

Preparation:  6 weeks before departure 

Preparation: maps and planning

Preparation and bikes

Preparation and itinerary

2015 – Back to Siberia 

Russia: Katu Yarik Pass Grand Finale

Russia: back to Tudtuyaruk

Russia: the heart of the Altai 

Russia: back to the Altai

2014 – 3 1/2 months – To Mongolia and back


Russia: Someone shooting at us? 

Russia: Moscow and a weird holiday camp

Russia: crossing Siberia

Mongolia: the ride to UlaanBaatar

Mongolia: into the northern wilderness – part 2

Mongolia: into the northern wilderness – part 1

Mongolia: another shortcut across the northern mountains

Mongolia: at last!

Russia: taking shortcuts in the Altai!

Kazakhstan: back on track 

Kyrgyzstan: considering giving up!

Kyrgyzstan: Bouncing back

Uzbekistan – looking for solutions in Andijan

Uzbekistan – total breakdown in the middle of nowhere

Uzbekistan – crash in Samarkand

Uzbekistan – the eternal Samarkand

Uzbekistan: the Silk Road – Bukhara

Uzbekistan and the Silk Road: Khiva

Kazakhstan: crossing the weastern desert

Russia: elusive road to Astrakhan

Russia: into the motherland

Crossing into Georgia

Turkey: riding into the Storm

Storms and problems in Turkey

Into Turkey

Crossing Europe

Leaving Home

2013 / 2014 – Trip Preparation

Paper work 

The road to Mongolia

Mongolia trip